When you submit a ticket to us, you can follow the progress of it under the tickets view. There is a text in a yellow box to the right side of your ticket. Here we will explain what the different states means.

This is the first state that the ticket is in when you submit it. It means that we have received your ticket in our system and it is awaiting for someone to handle it.

This state means that your ticket has been read by us and a developer is working on it at the moment.

When in this state, it means that we have a question for you that we need you to answer. It can be that we have some additional questions on your issue or that we need some logfiles.

This is like the "IN PROGRESS" state, but when it also says (DELAYED), it means that we are waiting for response from a third party company. Meaning that in some cases you can run into some issues that is not controlled by us, but by a third party partner or another company that we work with. So this means that we have forwarded your issue to them and we are waiting on a reply, to be able to help you.

This state is shown when you have made a feature request. That means that your request have been accepted by us and we are working with developing the requested feature. When the feature is released, you will get updated in the ticket.

This means that we have responded to you with a proposed solution/answer to your question or issue. Note that it doesn't always need to be an exact answer to your issue or your question. Because some issues and questions are not possible to give a straight resolution or answer to. It can be a work around to an issue or an different solution to your question.

This state is shown when we have responded with an answer that should cover your question or what you were looking for. If you reply to the ticket when it is in this state, it will automatically change state to "Pending" again. But if you don't reply, the ticket will automatically be set to "closed".

When the ticket is in "Closed" state, it means that all questions and needs are resolved and there is nothing more to add to the ticket.