When you submit a ticket to us, it is very important that you give us as much information as you have. Because the more detailed and explained the ticket is, the faster we can start looking at it and help you with your issues or questions.

Before you submit a ticket, take a look at our Solutions page where we have a lot of useful information. We have different kind of knowledge base articles and FAQs on different configuration guides, how to solve different issues and other great questions. The material is collected from all of our customers that have asked about certain things or have had issues with all kinds of tasks. We have collected the most upcoming questions and most common issues that our customers have faced. The solutions page is frequently updated with new knowledge base articles and FAQs.

If you still can't find what you are looking for in the Solutions page and need to create a ticket, please see over the list below to make sure that your submitted ticket includes all information and related documents and logs.

- Give us a detailed description of the issue or question (Try to upload screenshots if possible).

- Always upload your LogReports (transcoder, server and any other logs).

- Make sure that you have tried to re-produce your issue to confirm the problem.

- Steps to re-produce the issue.

- Fill out all the asked information in the ticket form.

- Upload all used sample files that use have used (For us to be able to re-produce once again to get a better overview over the issue). You can upload files up to 15mb into the ticket. If you have bigger files, click here to see how to upload it to us.