The vsctl is a help command line tool that can be used to query, inspect and update Vidispine. There are a lot of useful subcommands that you can run to get out all kinds of information from your Vidispine.

First you need to install the vsctl tool, you can do so by entering the following;

sudo apt-get install vsctl

When it is installed you can start entering subcommands to get information, here is an example of the input and outcome of the subcommand "status".

$ vsctl -h status
Version: 4.7
Site: VX
License: valid

 1 online transcoders
 12 online storages, 5 offline
 0 pending jobs, 7 waiting jobs, 0 job problems


- Capacity of storage VX-2671 is above the high watermark and needs cleanup

Here is a list of all the subcommands and what they do;

audit: Query the audit log

find: Find items matching keywords or query

health: Show current Vidispine health 

import: Import files by path or by direct upload

indexing: View reindex status

job: Show job status

property: Manage configuration properties

service: Manage services

stats: Display various internal statistics   

status: Show current Vidispine status 

storage: Displays the status of storages in Vidispine   

test: Show current Vidispine selftest status 

threads: Print stack trace from Vidispine

You can also enter the following to get a help-list with all available commands and functions;

vsctl --help