You can upload media files in three different ways:
1. Directly from your browser with the Web Uploader.
2. Connect to your existing Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Azure Blob cloud storages to synchronize files.
3. Install the VidiXplore Agent on your Windows or Mac computer to synchronize local and network files and folders.

If you are using the Agent or cloud storage, your files will be transcoded to low-resolution web-friendly versions and mirrored to the cloud while the original file stays in your source folder. If you are using Web Uploads the file you upload will become the CloudCopy of your original.

Both individual users and teams can easily find and work with the media files in the user friendly web user interface, even if the original are stored on a storage they cannot access. You can also choose to upload the original to the web based server as a "CloudCopy" to share it with your team.