The VidiXplore Desktop Agent can automatically upload content from your hard drive or local network drives. Download the agent from the User's drop down menu and follow the on-screen installation wizard. When you have installed the VidiXplore Agent, sign in with your username and password. Open the VidiXplore Agent, and select the folders you want to index.

The VidiXplore Agent will create web-friendly (normally low resolution) versions of your files, and publish these to the VidiXplore web service. The original videos and images stay on your hard drive until you choose to upload them using the CloudCopy function in the web interface.

You can also choose to automatically upload the original videos, images and PDFs (as CloudCopy), when they are synchronized. Configure this from "Settings" in the Vidixplore Agent tray menu. In the setting you can also set the resolution of the web versions if you are on a Paid plan.