Tagging a single item: Pick an item and click on it. In the detailed view you can add one/more tag/s. The tagged items are marked with a tag icon in the eXplore view.

Tagging many items: Click ”Bulk actions” in the eXplore view, select the items you want to tag. Click ”Add tags”, enter the tags and click ”Add tags”. VidiXplore will show the label “Bulk tagging started in the background.“, which you can remove by clicking the “x”.

Tagging a single collection: Select the collection and open it in the collection view. Click “Edit” and add the tags in the “Update collection” window. Save the new tags by clicking the button “Update collection”, or cancel the action with the button “Cancel”.  It’s only the collection that is tagged, not the individual items.

You cannot tag multiple collections at once, you need to tag them one at a time.