Your Vidispine API instance in Vidinet logs transactional events into four different log streams: Auditlog, Joblog, Transferlog, and Changelog. These log streams are stored within the database space allocated for your Vdisipine API instance. The logs will automatically be purged (emptied FIFO style) based on the purge settings per logstream. 

The following log purging values are used by default for Vidispine instances in Vidinet: 

Log NameDescriptionDefault purge time (minutes)
Audit LogLogs all user interactions with Vidispine43200
Job LogLogs all Vidispine jobs 43200
Transfer LogLogs all file movements in and out of storages1440
Change LogLogs changes to items, collections et cetera, only used in multisite scenarios1440 (age and forceage)

You can view the applied configuration for your Vidispine API instance on https://<yourAPIurl>/API/configuration/purging. By default, purged log entries will be sent to devnull (by setting directory to <value>empty:/</value>)

Instead of deleting old log entries you can configure offloading logs to an S3 bucket, read more here

Note: Vidispine API instances created prior to 25 October 2018 has not been configured for log purging, meaning that the log will grow indefinitely. In order to keep your database size on reasonable levels, we recommend configuring database purging according to the above table. Detailed instructions how to do this can be found here